A small development team trying to change the world, one bit at a time

Runtime: the length of time a program takes to run.

  • one who excels greatly, especially in a particular field;
  • an aquatic apex predator, that has been around for over 400 million years;
  • [some might say]  a rapacious/greedy crafty person who takes advantage of others.

Don't be mistaken by the last definition: we are greedy, but for great user experience; we take advantage, but of all the tools at our disposal to create great products.

Our primary goal is for our users to have the best possible experience [at runtime], and we will do anything in our power to do so [like a shark].

Below you can find some of our projects; if you'd like to get in touch,
you can reach us at
Between 2013 and 2017, Roland has worked for DeinDeal, one of the dominating flash-sales companies in Switzerland & part of Ringier AG, and starting with 2014 he took the role of iOS Lead.
Beraria H
In 2017, Roland worked with Sniperlab to create an app for the largest beer hall in Europe, Beraria H. The result is an easy way for its customers to browse for, book and check-in at events.
Helps you keep track of your car's maintenance. See all your car's events at a glance and easily add a reminder, and how often you'd like to be reminded. [Discontinued in 2014, resurected in 2018]
Expenses Planner
Helps you keep track of your upcoming expenses. Easily set up your upcoming expenses, their recurring intervals, a reminder, and how often you'd like to be reminded. [Discontinued as of 2014]
Puppet Anthems
The fun way to learn about national anthems, for adults and kids alike. All the lyrics, all the music, all the history, and all the info related to the 32 countries from the 2014 World Cup in one great app.
For more projects, please check Roland's page.