A small development team trying to change the world, one bit at a time

Runtime: the length of time a program takes to run.
Shark: one who excels greatly, especially in a particular field, or [some might say]  a rapacious/greedy crafty person who takes advantage of others.

We do take advantage, but of all the tools at our disposal to create great products and we are greedy, but for great user experience. What would a great product be, without happy users? If they aren't happy, we aren't happy, and we always go that extra mile to shape the best user experience.

Below you can find some of our projects and if you'd like to get in touch,
you can reach us at
We're focused on mobile applications, but we also love building web apps.
In collaboration with Tiago Fernandes and Christian Boegner, ChallengeBeat has been one of the first projects we worked on. Challenge yourself and/or your friends and build better habits!
Between 2013 and 2017, Roland has worked for DeinDeal, one of the dominating flash-sales companies in Switzerland & part of Ringier AG, and starting with 2014 he took the role of iOS Lead.
Card Virtual
An app that helps users save their fidelity cards (or request new ones), that also displays merchants & their offers, and offers a shopping list. With the built-in friends feature, the users can share and collaborate in real-time on their shopping lists.
Beraria H
In 2017, Roland worked with Sniperlab to create an app for the largest beer hall in Europe, Beraria H. The result is an easy way for its customers to browse for, book and check-in at events.
For more projects, please check Roland's page.